12 Faces

The different faces of Silva.

By service | 14 March, 2021

1. Rich and exciting

Silicon Vales (Silva) rich tapestry of culture, tech, industry, higher education, offers opportunities for business, life and living. Here are twelve of Silva’s attractive faces for your work, to live and love life.

2. Getting started

2.1 Silva°Start

Silva is the place to start your next venture with a great startup scene, access to finance, talent, long warm sommers, culture, easy access to the european and world markets, lakes for swimming, cycling, cosmopolitan living. It is a great area to kick-start your professional life or building your dream.

2.2 Silva°Bridge

Use Silva as your bridge to continental Europe - the world’s largest single market, to the UK, to the east European markets due to Silva’s historic connections and nearness.

2.3 Silva°Hub

Silva is at the heart of Germany, with its power capital Berlin. The SilvaRing is a Service Hub, connecting industry, trade, research, education, markets, media, politics, finance, countries. With its rich ecosystem in talent, connections, foreign native speakers, the SilvaHUB is the ideal base to empower your business.

2.4 Silva°Campus

Silva offers a wide spectrum of education possibilities. With its renowned top universities, research labs and clusters, the close cooperation with industry, historic towns, the Silva°Magic all around, Silva offers one of the best learning enironments in the world.

3. To Work

3.1 Silva°Tech

Silicon Vales is one of Europe’s fastest growing innovation hubs with hundreds of startups, grownups and research clusters spread around the SilvaRing.

It offers excellent oportunites for networking, for talent search, for the development of new applications, access to top notch universites, for a new job.

3.2 Silva°Cap

The Silva area, due to its density and high growth rate in population and services, offeres a wide spectrum of early-bird investment opportunies for capital. Starting from real estate, startups, to the fine arts, Silva is a rising star.

3.3 Silva°Arts

Mankind has been enjoying the Silva°Arts for centuries - from classic to techno, from opera to the Leipzig Scene. The Silva°Magic is attracting artists from all over the world to come and explore new ways of expression. This influx, and the SilvaRing with its multitude of galleries, events, stages, offers a foundry for cross pollination, discovery and enjoyment.

3.4 Silva°Media

Silva’s Media World is on the rise, with its growing network of writers, artists, and production companies for print, TV and online media. Some of the world’s biggest media companies are located here creating magazines, newspapers, books and educational materials. Showbiz, fashion, politics, the new rich, bling: It is the place to be for connections, to step up the career ladder, to invest.

3.5 Silva°Wear

Fashion, chic, design, style - Silva is a trendsetter with its Fashion Weeks, the Fashion Capital Berlin, designer labels, bespoke luxury articles. Its many Art & Design Colleges around the SilvaRing are hotspots for creative talent and ideas, spurning new creative agencies and products.

3.6 Silvawood

Silvawood is Germany’s Film Industry à la Hollywood / Bollywood, and is the film lovers paradise, with one of the largest large-scale film studios and eight annual international mega film events. It offers excellent possibilites for networking, learning, working, talent search, and for creating the next Silvawood / Netflix / Amazon Prime blockbuster.

4. To Live and Love

4.1 Silva°Magic

Silva is steeped in culture - in history, fine arts, classic, jazz, in breath taking scenery, biospheres, UNESCO locations, recreation facilities. If it’s cycling in the city to a nearby lake for a early morning swim, having a day out with the family, dancing through the night, or hanging out in a romantic setting on a river in the city, Silva offers unforgettable magic moments à la carte.

4.2 Silva°Life

Working is only one aspect of living - you need to switch off, share time with others and relax. After a couple of years you will have friends and family and it is nice to live in a safe evironment for youself, and for your kids. Silva offers a highly developed infrastructure of public transport, health facilities, education, events, shops, affordable accomodation, recreation. A place where you can live, breath and love.