Thoughts, ideas, to directives

8 March, 2021

A ‘Matta’ is an idea or simply a thought which needs work before something can be done with it.

‘Matta’ is also material which can be worked on.

Once a thought is written down here, it can start to have a life of its own: It can be worked on by the collective, i.e. people can add their ideas to it, or a team can work on it so that it can be expanded into something viable, physical, that it can be turned into one or more Taskas.

It can start off as a simple local ‘stop accidents at the crossroads’, or be something more of a global character such as ‘Create a register of Silva fairtrade families’, or even be a complicated high level ‘start an initiative for XYZ.

Face: Service Hub

Definition and marketing of Silva as a Service Hub to the rest of Germany, Europe and the World..

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The Bridge

The bridge to Europe - Helping enterprises to relocate or connect with partners in Silva or further afield.

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Silva Face

Defining how Silva appears: Inside, outside, in Germany, Europe and the World.

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Ed Services

Portfolio of services for the education sector in Silva - for schools, higher education, private, master classes.

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Lux Init

Initiating ValuLine Lux for luxury services and products within and from Silva.

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One Campus

An initiative to have one login for learning, for kids to silver agers, a life long.

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Events Services

Directory services focused on events in Silva.

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Service Info

Information about Silva, its services and what’s going on for Silva and partners.

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