From fragma to gone.

By Ian Williams | 2 March, 2021

1. Description

To help track the lifecycle of an idea it is useful to have a simple status flag.

The following phase names help to tag an idea - from its conception, through its realisation, to shelving it.

2. Classification

The Idea comes as:

  1. A “fragment” (phase Fragma), vague, with hardly form, perhaps a general description.
  2. Then it starts to gain form (phase Forma), where it can be talked about, roughly sketched, perhaps a mock-up.
  3. After some time it starts to get more structure, which can be discussed in more detail (phase Gestalt), with parts lists, alpha version of the software, business plan.
  4. After deciding if the idea should go further, resources are needed to start to develop and build it, including the supporting processes (phase Build) resulting in a venture or organisation.
  5. To keep the thing going continual operational processes are needed (phase Run).
  6. Some time in the future it might be decided to close it down (phase Gone).