Questions to answer

By Service | 22 January, 2021

On this page is a collection of interesting questions waiting to be analysed and be answered.

If you have an answer or want to have a go at answering them, please do and send us your detailed answer and the method/facts/calculation on how you got to that result. Please send it per email to Thanks!

1. Arts

1.1 Music

How did Silva influence music over the centuries?


  • Handel,
  • Clara Schumann
  • Techno?
  • Pop

1.2 Painting

How did Silva influence painting over the centuries?

1.3 Sculpture

How did Silva influence sculpture over the centuries?

1.4 Architecture

How did Silva influence architecture over the centuries?


  • Bauhaus

1.5 Design

How did Silva influence design over the centuries?


  • Bauhaus

1.6 Literature

How did Silva influence literature over the centuries?

1.7 Opera houses

How many opera houses are there in Silva?

1.8 Theaters

How many theaters are there in Silva?

1.9 Theater ensembles

How many theaters ensembles are there in Silva?

1.10 Orchesters

How many orchesters are there in Silva?

2. Industrialisation

How did Silva influence industrialisation over the centuries?

3. Information Technologies

How did Silva influence the development of information technologies?


  • Zuse

4. Sciences

How did Silva influence the sciences over the centuries?

5 Beliefs, religion, spirtualism

5.1 Religion

How did Silva influence religion over the centuries?


  • Luther

6. Society

6.1 Personal rights

How did Silva influence the rights of people over the centuries?


  • City law

6.2 Radio stations

How many radio stations are there in Silva?

7. Sport

7.1 Sport types

Which sports where found/developed in Silva?

7.2 Golf

How many golf courses are there in Silva?

7.3 Sport events

Which big sport events are there in Silva?

7.4 Sport clubs

Which big sport clubs (football, eishockey, etc) are there in Silva?

8. Goods

8.1 Luxury Goods

Which luxury goods and brands where made in Silva over the centuries?

Which luxury goods and brands are being made now in Silva?


  • Bechstein pianos
  • Watches

8.2 Export

Which goods from Silva are being well exported?

8.3 Whisky

How many whisky brands are there in Silva?

8.4 Beer

How many beer brands are there in Silva?

8.5 Wein

How many wein types/brands are being grown in Silva?

8.6 Fashion labels

How many fashion labels are being designed in Silva?

9. Countryside and recreation

9.1 Spectacles

Which annual wildlife spectacles are there in Silva?

9.2 Rivers

How many km of rivers are there in Silva?

9.3 Lakes

How many lakes are are there in Silva?

9.3 Trees

How many trees are there that are older than 1000 years and where are they?

9.4 Steam trains

How many steam trains are there in Silva?

10. People

Which famous people came from the Silva area and why are they famous?

11. Startups

How many startups are there in Silva?

12. Other topics not asked above

What other facts of interest are there?


  • Publishers
  • how many universities and institutes for higher education?
  • How many different types of courses are being offered