By Ian Williams | 13 February, 2021

1. Status

As of Feb 2021, no formal organisation has yet been established as the whole construct is new.

Below are a couple of intial thoughts to a future structure.

2. Future structure

2.1. An organisation?

Does Silicon Vales need an organisation? It depends on what ‘we’ want to do. If ‘we’ are to help forge in the long term an area of well-being, then the answer is ‘yes’ for several reasons:

  • For example in Silicon Valley and Silicon Slopes, an organisation as a ‘hub for initiatives’ has proved beneficial for the regions.
  • To act as a hub to coordinate activities across 5 federal states and a large number of institutions.
  • To collect information and data which can be used for workgroups and 3rd parties.

2.2. Structure

The SilvaOrg could be a flat federated virtual organisation with each SilverLine being its own, with a central hub acting as a ‘servicing’ agency.

2.3. Central hub

The central servicing hub could offer the following services:

  • Services for the SilvaLines workgroups.
  • Community services
  • Marketing coordination
  • News collection and dissemination
  • Datamining facilities

Its name could be derived from its function: Silva Development Agency (SDA).

2.4. Activities

The activities or the real topics of what is needed to be done, will come with time.

The SilvaLines core topics serve as the main lines for getting Silva rolling.

2.5. Steering groups

It is proposed that Silva itself and each SilvaLine should have a steering board which operates as a form of think tank and offers opinion as well as help to facilitate the long term planning: So called SilvaElders.

2.6. Initiative Board

To help support SilvaInitiatives across the region, it is suggested that a central Board be setup. In Silicon Valley, the Board consists of approx. 50 people from diverse fields with good connections. As Silva is also a comparable area it is suggested to do the same for Silva. Its name could be SilvaBoard.


Information about the SilvaLines.

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Information about the Initiative.

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What it is

A list of simple reasons for the need of Silva.

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