Silva ValuLines

28 February, 2021

1. About

To market, to grow, to empower the Silicon Vales area, we look individually at major sectors which bring value to the area, such as Tech, the Arts, Fashion. For easy handling we call these things ‘SilvaLines’.

2. What is a SilvaLine?

A SilvaLine represents a bundle of topics centered around a core Silva theme. Depending on your viewpoint, each SilvaLine can be:

  • A product
  • A portfolio of services.
  • A collection of ideas.
  • A collection of projects.
  • A framework for services.
  • A line of activities.

3. Metro map

For help with the organisation, we use the analogy of a metro map to visual the topics: Each Line is similar to a trainline, with each station being a topic.

4. Classification

There are different types of Lines:

  • Circular, which are geographical orientated, e.g. showing the colleges on the SilvaRing.
  • Straight, which are more topic orientatd, with each station a topic.

The catalog, sorted according to type, can be seen here under Linetypes.

5. Catalog


The services ecosystem for the visual and performing arts within and from Silva.

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Marketing and integration services to attract new talent, ideas, services, capital, ventures.

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The Silva°Campus - A Campus of world class higher education faciliites within Silva.

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Supporting capital/investment services and products within Silva.

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Events around the SilvaRing.

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Silvawood: The services ecosystem for the film sector within and from Silva.

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The Silva°Lab - A hub of laboratories, universities, institutes, for research and development within Silva.

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Collating and marketing luxury services and products within and from Silva.

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Special moments, events, places in Silva

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The services ecosystem for the media sector within and from Silva.

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