A Silva by-product

By Ian Williams | 5 February, 2021

The Silicon Vales has a historic heritage of world stars, directors, famous films, studios.

It also has 8 annual events spread over Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig.

Over 30,000 professionals from 130 countries come to visit, not to forget the thousands who are working directly or indirectly in Silva.

And the awards - the Bears, the Doves, the Teddies, the Horsemen.

Isn’t it time we placed it in the same international league with Hollywood, Bollywood?

One of the by-products of Silva is the possibility of having a ‘nice’ name - Silvawood.

And all of a sudden you have:

  • A unique identity

Which can be expanded:

  • For common marketing.
  • For enhanced community networking.
  • For improving innovation, ideas, creativity, project funding, knowledge transfer, cross- pollination, jobs, talent finding.