By Ian Williams | 22 January, 2021

The idea

The idea of a common economic / cooperating / living area - The SilvaRing - with a global name - Silicon Vales - was seeded by Ian Williams.

A couple of simple reasons why can be read here.

The core theme

But it is not just about a ‘name’ - it is about building something with mehrwert¹ - a future of well-being for the next 10, 20, 50, 100 years.

The initiative

To get the building of this mehrwert - this well-being - going, an initiative has been started. However it needs a formal framework so that people and organisations can cooperate and work on the vision and tasks.

Silva Development Agency (SDA)

To help grow the initiate, to develop the framework, the Silva Development Agency is being established.


¹ ‘mehrwert’ is a German term for ‘exploiting the intrinsic value to create prime value’.