Terms and Abbreviations

By Service | 16 February, 2021

The following list contains terms, acronyms and abbreviations used on this site or within projects.


Accelerator Ring: A metaphor to describe Silva as an accelerator to get things going for the Region.
AGM: Annual General Meeting
Alliance: A group of joined parties, composed of partners, language experts, sponsors, ambassadors, working towards the support of Silicon Vales.
API: Application Programming Interface - A computer interface for data exchange.


Bootstrap: A term used to refer to a self-starting process. In the Initiative it is the name of the startup phase to get the community to empower Silicon Vales.


DevOps: Software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops). A set of practices often used in conjunction with software development.
DB: Database
Diamonds: A term used in this document for topics of exceptional value.


Ecosystem: The Silicon Vales world, consisting of partners, systems.
EN: English
ESW: English Speaking World


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.
FS: Feature Set - A collection of product features.


Handle: A term used to reference a concept so that it can be managed. i.e. a door handle which is needed to open a door.
HLT: Human Language Technologies
HQ: Headquarters


Initiative: The commons powered forum for getting Silicon Vales going.


Labs: Short form for laboratory.
LoI: Letter of Intent
LP: Landing page
LTS: Long Term Support


Mehrwert: A term for ‘exploiting the intrinsic value’ to create new prime value.
Meme: Memes are an idea, behaviour, style, which carries a symbolic meaning. They are also used to represent complex value topics. Example Bollywood for films from Bombay, or from India, or indian-dancing-singing-drama genre,
Mining: Looking for diamonds, for nuggets within Silva, so that they can be cut, polished, shown, or be used to create mehrwert.


Org: Organisation


PLM: Product Lifecycle Management / Managed.
Portmanteau: A word which blends the sounds and combines the meaning of two other words.


SCS: Silva Community Services
SDA: Silva Development Agency - An organisation supporting the growth of Silva.
SES: Silva Economic Summit
Silicon Vales: A meme where ‘Silicon’ = high tech / innovation, and ‘Vales’ is the (poetic) short form for valleys.
Silva: A portmanteau of Silicon Vales.
SilvaLine: Silicon Vales main meme topics.
SilvaRing: The ring of cities around Silicon Vales core.
SilvaWare: A collection of SilvaLines such as SilvaArts, SilvaTech, SilvaStyle, SilvaFinance, SilvaWatch, SilvaReal, Silvawood, SilvaMedia, etc.
Silvawood: A meme for the motion picture industry within Silva, in the sense of Hollywood, Bollywood.
Silvaner: A person from Silicon Vales.
Silvesque: Something to do with Silva.
Silvia: The Silva App.
Silvio: Silva online services.
SIRS: Silva Integration and Rollout Strategy
Speak: A shorter term for ‘language’.
Std: Standard


TBD: To Be Defined - It will be specified later.


UK: United Kingdom - ISO 3166-2 code.
US: United States (of America) - ISO 3166-2 code.
USP: Unique Selling Proposition


VAR: Value Added Reseller